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Posted on 17th March, 2012

Thursday February 23


This evening it was SB's turn to visit the vet's for his colonic irrigation update. Apparently he couldn't work out how to travel in the Z4 - I just knew he would be climbing all over the front seat and dashboard in a totally illegal manner.


After bouncing around the car for a while he finally came to rest - would you believe it - in totally the opposite position to yours truly, with his rear end on the seat and his head in the footwell. How he wasn't sick I'll never know. Apparently he worked it out in time for the return journey - after Mum had read him the Riot Act.


He told me that his bottom was a bit better and that it didn't hurt so much this time. But Dr John had upset him by saying that he's never seen such large anal glands in a dog. Now he thinks he's a freak - which isn't far off the mark, to be fair.


Mum did try to make it up to SB by giving him some extra attention but I think that's only because Dad is in Barcelona for two days and she was a bit bored.


But he seemed a bit down so I thought it best not to mention it - besides my paw still hurts and my ailments are far WORSE than his.

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