Builder blues

Posted on 12th January, 2012

Friday December 23


No swimming again this week - Mum decided to cancel again to allow my eczema plenty of time to dry up and the scabs to drop off.


There's only one left to go and I know Mum's dying to pick it. Dad says it has to be left to fall off naturally and I agree. One scratch from me and it'll be gone.


A routine trip to the vet's for my Cartrophen - delayed because I was prescribed a lot of extra medication for my eczema last time - confirmed that my neck is coming along nicely, although Dr John warned against the skin underneath festering. Ugh!


He also thought to mention - better late than never I suppose - that one major cause of my complaint can be concrete/cement/brick dust getting in my fur and causing me to scratch.


Which explains a lot but now our new shower room and bathroom are finished and snagged and working and all the mess has gone. I think having builders in got under everyone's skin but just irritated me more than everyone else!

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