A close shave

Posted on 29th December, 2011

Wednesday December 7


Panic stations, panic stations! I have yet ANOTHER lurgy, which required ANOTHER mad dash to Dr John.


A nasty rash round my neck this time. Dr John looked concerned but, after shaving off a large chunk of my bib, he seemed to think that, on balance, it might be eczema, possibly caused by my skin remaining damp after my swimming sessions.


Boy, it does itch though. Or, rather it did, until further additions to my canine medicine cabinet - steroids, antibiotics and cream - kicked in.


Dad said that I'd got the 'pox', which I thought was particularly unkind, especially as that's what SB got last summer in France after he'd been in the sea. To think that I've contacted a similar skin complaint... bleughhh.

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