Trouble and strife

Posted on 5th December, 2011

Friday December 2, 2011


I'm feeling quite perky this morning after my swimming session last night

although I think I might have blotted my copybook. AGAIN.


First Mum stupidly let me off my lead so I took myself off to check out the

treadmill and dog biscuit cupboard. As you do. I just wanted to see what

I was missing!


Then Mum was cross because I didn't go in the water first time and had to

be 'persuaded' by Amy.


And of course I felt so good afterwards that I simply had no intention of

standing still while being dried. If Mum hadn't been texting constantly she

could have kept her eye on me and held my leg to stop me from rolling -

I'm a bit of a handful for one person, even though I say so myself.


Then when we got home, SB was so miffed at having been left on his own

he took himself upstairs in a total strop.


Dad was really offended that he wasn't greeted when he got home -

surely a mark blacker than even I could manage?

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