Hippie anniversary

Posted on 13th November, 2011

Wednesday November 9, 2011


Well, blog followers, today is exactly a year (or seven, from my point of

view) since I started my internet diary.


And what a 12 months it's been, the highlights of which being our many trips

away to Surrey, Wales, Cornwall and France; my ever-growing ball collection

and, of course, my failing health. But here's to another seven years!


Well, that's if Mum can get my medication right! After spotting (better late

than never I suppose) a slight deviation in my prescription, a mad panic and

dash to Dr John ensued.


He patiently explained to Mum that she very nearly UNDERDOSED me and he

decided that I was a bit spaced out on my current collection of pills. So he's

edited them right down and I now only have to take eight pills a day.


Far out, man!

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