The great escape

Posted on 21st February, 2013

Monday January 7


Clever me! I suddenly remembered how to open the child gate that Mum and Dad use at the bottom of the stairs to stop PM getting into the office and chewing all their work.


To be fair, PM has only chewed the skirting board recently so I doubt even he would find wires and computers that palatable.


But I, on the other hand, am allowed to lounge upstairs because all I ever seem to do these days is sleep.


However, on this occasion, I fancied going downstairs but forgot that I'd been locked out (or in, whichever way you look at it).


It was then that I remembered my youth when I learned to squeeze my jaws around the handle and push my bodyweight against the bars at exactly the right time. And being above the gate on the stairs, I could conjure up just the amount of leverage needed.


I was pleased to discover that I haven't lost my touch. They pay Hollywood hounds handsomely to learn stuff like that for the movies. In fact, I reckon it wouldn't be possible to teach most dogs new tricks like that. Autographs later, folks...

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