Cross patch

Posted on 19th October, 2011

Friday October 7, 2011


I knew it! I knew it! I thought something was up when Mum bought Stupid Brother and me a big, juicy marrow bone each yesterday.


It was obviously an advance apology for having to trawl all the way back to Nottingham today for my follow-up appointment with Dr Oliver.


Despite being early, we had to wait a while because of an emergency - some poor dog having to have his leg amputated with the owner in bits, not helped by her workplace constantly ringing to ask whether she'd be back at her desk by lunchtime.


It's not often I get cross. In fact I never really get cross. But that made me so cross I'd have taken a chunk out of her boss's leg if I could. Grrr!  


Dr Oliver certainly has a way with us dogs and I feel I was able to tell him telepathically how I felt. He said that I was putting up with a lot of pain and am a very brave dog.


So he upped my pills further. Drugs are wonderful - even better than half a cow's backside, even though I say so myself...

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