Hanging on the telephone

Posted on 29th August, 2011

August 27th 2011


Talk about from hero to zero - NO WALK YESTERDAY after enjoying a walk round

the forest, chill out time with Louise's dogs and my weekly swimming sesh

the day before!


Grrr... well, a light perambulation to the bottom cattle grid and

back while SB chased a bouncy ball containing as many brain cells as he has

doesn't really count does it?


Apparently Mum had to wait in virtually ALL DAY for a phone call from Noel (The Bionic Vet) Fitzpatrick www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00syxlx for a feature she's writing for Your Dog magazine.


He's allegedly the most famous small animal vet in the WORLD right now and

Man of The Moment due to a recent BBC TV series on his ground-breaking

work - but he hasn't learned to use a phone yet. Parp!


The entertainer, Michael Ball, whose dog Dr Fitzpatrick saved, called on the

dot at 10am but Dr Fitz (no relation to the character of the same name in

TV's Cracker I might add) didn't call until nearly 8pm.


Hence our short walk. Mum tried to cheer me up by saying that I was lucky that I didn't need the services of Dr Fitz and if I did, he can perform miracles. But I bet he can't

perform a canine brain transplant on a certain retriever who will remain



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