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Posted on 29th August, 2011

August 18th 2011


Some days I don't know whether I'm coming or going and this was one of them.


First up, a walk round the forest with Mum, SB and Rio who looked the

business despite her recent op to have certain 'bits' removed. You'd never

know to look at her, especially when she cleared some of those big

cross-country fences with ease.


She smelt a bit different, too, but SB is more of an expert on that subject than I am

these days. Then I got told off big time at Louise's for trying to steal Rio's bed out of

her cage while she was still in there. The girl didn't take too kindly to it to be fair but neither did Mum and she banished me to the 'sin bin' for 10 minutes.


I hate being in the car on my own, missing all the action, but then I suppose I did

deserve it for non-stop barking. I never learn.


Then a quick put-your-paws-up session at home before heading to my weekly

swimming lesson where yet again I was in fine form.


I still tried to roll, escape and cut corners but Amy has learned to be on my case

constantly, which is getting boring. I do love the attention, though, and whenever

anyone's not looking at me, I make this strange noise in my throat, which

soon makes them concentrate on the main attraction - moi!

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