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Posted on 8th August, 2011

Wednesday August 3, 2011


It's all go on Planet Rolo at the moment. Today started off as a quiet, normal day - sleeping, eating, more sleeping and a perambulation around the garden for a bit of added interest.


Then Stupid Brother's Amazing Exploding Bottom flew into action again in the most spectacular fashion (but not as bad as at Dover ferry terminal the summer before last).


As predicted, Mum went spare when she found it in the hall. In fact, I think she nearly cried. SB couldn't help it but it's definitely something he (and not I) has eaten.


Then, before I knew it, I was being whisked off to my weekly swim a day early.


SM (Stupid Mum) had remembered not to feed me before it this time so I had an extra two minutes in the pool and I'm sure that nice Amy extended my hairdrying session, too.


Then a walk round the Elford Hall Garden to finish off. Bliss!

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