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Posted on 30th May, 2011

Friday May 27, 2011



Ha ha ha. Stupid Brother's got visitors, Stupid Brother's got visitors

*barked in a selfish sing-songy way*


Dad says it's really mean to make fun of the fact that SB's got fleas but

what does he expect when the silly mutt goes snuffling in hedges and greets

strange dogs out walking?


I think I have managed to remain flea-free by:


(a) Not making any more effort than is strictly necessary to retrieve cricket



(b) Giving any dog I'm not on first-name terms with a wide berth;




(c) Being a healthy lean clean machine.


Apparently those nasty little critters have been wiped out with one dose of that clever Frontline Spot-on treatment but I reckon my weekly swim sessions must include a

sneaky insecticide to help me keep any unwanted parasites at bay.


Talking of swimming, I could barely contain my excitement yesterday. Another

hydroptherapy session! Although I don't like having to go down that ramp

into the water, I so love the hairdryer afterwards that it makes the whole

experience an enjoyable one. Mum has found that by holding one of my front

paws, it stops me from trying to roll but I'll figure my way around that

next time. 


And then, when I got home, grandpa and grandma - my most favourite person in

the whole wide world - was here to give me a Jumbone. Bliss!


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