Brotherly love

Posted on 21st March, 2011

Monday March 21, 2011



Just hold on a minute!


Before we go any further, I’d like to point out to several interested parties that I am not mean to Stupid Brother – what’s all this feeling sorry for him all of a sudden?


Underneath that dim expression, cute triangle head and constantly wagging tail, there’s a bully underneath who delights in stealing MY toys and barging me off all the best smells.


But despite all that, I’d like to make it clear how nice I am to him. I let him come into MY bed and curl up next to me without a single complaint, grumble or growl.


I let him fetch any ball that is thrown. I let him climb up on to Mum’s lap every night.


And I even let him Hoover up what’s left of my dinner (but I do try to eat it all and do him a favour by watching his waistline – someone has to).


So, you see, he is my most favourite brother in the whole wide world... 

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