Up for the cup

Posted on 26th February, 2011

Saturday February 26, 2011


Oh no. Cup fever’s broken out in our house. Dad’s beloved Arsenal are playing in a cup final tomorrow and Stupid Brother and I are under orders to sport our club collars all weekend.


Dad used to call the competition the Worthless Cup but since his team hasn’t won anything for almost 40 doggy years, he’s taking it seriously and we’ve got to toe the line and wear them.


I feel a bit of a ponce parading around in mine, but then red does suit me, being the colour of fast, hot dynamic things like Ferraris and fighter jets.


The difference is that SB actually looks a ponce – red definitely doesn't suit him. But what colour would...? A wishy washy sky blue?


Or how about Norwich City’s canary yellow? After all he is a bird brain. 

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