Having a Ball

Posted on 16th January, 2011

Sunday January 16, 2011


Here I am with my pride and joy - a small part

of my ball collection, which I have lovingly

nurtured over the past eight or nine years.


You can see I love my hobby and have balls of

all shapes and sizes - big ones, little ones,

bouncy ones, burst ones and flat ones - collated

from sports ranging from golf, tennis, football

and rugby to baseball, American football and,

my particular favourite, cricket.


OK, so Stupid Brother has helped snuffle out the odd cricket ball to boost my collection but most have been found by me and me alone.


Dad has threatened to put them all on e-Bay

("you can only play with one ball at a time, Boss") while Mum has threatened to throw them all in the bin ("you've punctured every one, beef-brain").


But I hope they remain piled up in the

garage because a dog has to have a ball       

for every occasion. And I CAN play with multiple balls at  once - one  in the mouth, another

clamped between my two front paws and a third under my tummy.


The result? Rolo Retriever Rovers 3

Stupid Brother City 0.

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