He is heavy, he's my brother!

Posted on 5th January, 2011

Wednesday January 5, 2011



Still laughing after last night’s visit to the vet’s for my monthly Cartrophen injection. Had to take Stupid Brother along for the ride (because he doesn’t get out much) but he seriously compromised my street cred.


Fancy turning up with half a face covered in mud and a two-tone brown undercarriage from our walk – it’s like going to the theatre in Jeans. In fact, SB looked more like the chocolate Labrador that came out of John’s surgery before my appointment than a sleek Golden Retriever (like me).


I was a real star, allowing my head to be twisted in every direction by John to see if he could ascertain whether my newly acquired limp is anything to do with arthritis or the time I fell down the cattle grid (a rare lapse in concentration): watch this space is the diagnosis.


Then it was time for SB to stand on the scales to be weighed – one at a time please! He’d put on two kilos – that’s NEARLY HALF A STONE – since November and looked really embarrassed by it.


The nice veterinary nurse said that he’s really going to have to watch his waistline now – although he’s still within the weight limit for our breed, that’s a lot of timber to gain in just two months. What a lardy bloater! Ha ha!


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