Season's greetings

Posted on 26th December, 2010

The big one - Saturday December 25, 2010



Happy Christmas everyone!


Well, I've not had a bad present haul this year. Auntie Justine and Uncle

Jonathan (along with cousins Abi and Ben) got Stupid Brother and me our own

tennis ball sling shot - one each.


Pity I'm not as young as I used to be otherwise I'd have beaten SB to the ball

every time - boy, it goes a long way! What SB lacks in brains he makes up for

in speed and fitness - well he is only 28 in human terms whereas I am 70.


I also had a Jumbo Meaty Twist off Grandma and Grandpa (which lasted a

nano second) and some Pedigree Chewy Bars off Auntie Jean - a new

treat that's a welcome addition to any canine grub cupboard.


I was most disappointed to unwrap my present off Mum and Dad: a new

Arsenal dog collar - I've got three of those already (albeit all slightly different)

so Dad must have been having a laugh.


And SB looked a bit miffed to unwrap his to find an Arsenal dog bowl.

But when Dad explained it would mean more goat's milk at bedtime, he

cheered up.


Then we unwrapped our REAL presents and I was pleased to find a long twisty

hide bone while SB got a Nylabone, which was on MY list to Father Christmas.

I don't know where Santa was this year - he must have missed us out by accident.

Either that or I've been a very naughty boy this year (that's what Mum says anyway).


A nice day finished off with a walk in the snow to the village and back,

slightly marred by poor Dad slipping over on the ice. You humans aren't very

good with two feet are you? Much better being a dog with a leg at each

corner is what I think...

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