Excluded and insulted

Posted on 13th December, 2010

Monday December 13, 2010



Well! I'm still most put out. On Friday night, neighbours Uncle Nigel and

Auntie Barbara and Uncle Philip (get well soon, Auntie Diana!) were invited

round for a Thai meal cooked by Dad - Stupid Brother and I were left

outside in the hall. Outside - in the hall - I'll have you know!


And when we were allowed in, Auntie Barbara said that it was OK for me

to eat the paper napkin Uncle Philip had dropped (it wasn't me eating it,

it was SB - obviously - doh!) because it would wipe my bottom on the way out.

How rude!


And they wondered why I kept myself to myself and slept behind the settee

while SB jumped all over everyone. And Mum had the double cheek to call me a

diva dog. Never, in all my born days, have I been so insulted...


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