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Posted on 5th December, 2010

Sunday December 5, 2010


Well, 20 days to go until Christmas and it's nice to

see that Mum and Dad are sorting out their

Christmas card EARLY for a change.


For the past two years, their card has featured

Stupid Brother - SB in a silly Santa hat; SB in front

of a Christmas tree - now for 2010, it's me taking

centre stage.


Usually, I have no interest in all this silliness (I'm far

too mature) but there were copious cheese squares

on offer during today's photo-shoot to encourage

me to pose beautifully.


And here's a special sneak preview of the winning picture (which, for those lucky lucky people among

you, will soon be dropping onto a doormat near you)...


PS. Don't forget, folks, that mistletoe (along with chocolate and

anti-freeze) is poisonous to us canines, so don't try this one at home!

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