Daddy's Home

Posted on 2nd December, 2010

Thursday December 2, 2010


Great felicitations! My dad is back home and all is well with the world.


These past five days with just Mum and Stupid Brother have been alright - I

suppose - but nothing beats Dad being here.


Mum says I'm an ungrateful so-and-so because she's been getting up at

five to five every morning in the ice and snow to give me and SB an airing

before she goes to work.


Then she walks us to the cricket pitch and round the church - about

two-and-a-half miles - every evening. And even Uncle Nigel let us out TWICE yesterday because Mum's train was late.


But I don't care about things like that - nor about the donkey-dump pile I

left in the kitchen on Tuesday. I'm just glad normal service has been resumed!

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