Short straw

Posted on 15th January, 2013

Saturday December 8


I knew it! I knew it! All our stuff has been lumped in the hall and Mum's suitcase is out... it only can mean one thing!


Us three dogs are heading for deepest, darkest Derbyshire while Dad flies in from Mexico and Mum prepares to join him in Mauritius for their annual 'freebie' holiday (Dad likes to think being on the golf course is 'working').


I reckon we have the short end of the stick, somehow (Norman doesn't mind which end of the stick he gets so long as he gets a stick).


We were offloaded in the evening and it meant I got to have a long chat with my surrogate sister Cookie. In fact. we were so immersed in our conversation, I didn't even notice Mum go... 

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