Animal magnetism

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Friday July 20


Well - get me! I have another brand new collar (to go with my existing dull grey anti flea and tick one).


"This one will also do you some good, Boss," said Dad when he saw my withering look.


Apparently it's a magnetic collar from Bioflow that will help my blood flow and alleviate my aches and pains. I'll believe it when I see it *grumps*.


But I did manage to run down the lane after Izzy The Schnauzer yesterday evening. I'm still hot, me!

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Ah, Rolo, that sounds like it might work - you just never know!!! Let's hope so as chasing things is just the best fun in the world - my favourites are foxes (I almost caught one, once - many years ago when I was a bright young thing - I had major SDS that day!! Once I smelt the fox, I was completely deaf to all the 'Groucho, here, right now' that were apparently being yelled out!), hares (well, rabbits when we are living Down Under but hares in Ireland), very bouncing balls and any dog bigger than me.

We hope it works. I've got 'Arf-an-I-tis' now - well, I didn't just pick it up, it's only just been diagnosed but so far, it's not slowing me down. But I do empathise with your plight now, so much more. If your collar works, let me know and I'll see if They will get me one too!