Eyefull power

Posted on 2nd August, 2012

Tuesday July 10


Drama this morning as Puppy Monster had to make an emergency dash to the vet's. It was like an episode of ER or Casualty except with dogs in, of course.


All Mum was missing was a flashing blue light (uh, actually, we do have one of those but Mum must have forgotten it).


PM's eye had gone all manky and you couldn't see his eyeball - ugh! Mum thought he'd run into a tree and damaged it (doh!). But the tree is actually all right...


It turned out the problem was just a common or garden eye infection, brought about by the pollen and grass seeds in the field no doubt. Some steroid eye drops soon solved that though and panic over.


Mum felt sorry for PM so she bought him a new toy at the vet's. A Kong, I'll have you know. I'm not even allowed to sniff the toys there let alone buy one so I was most miffed.


"No Rolo, you can't have that, it's for Norman only," said Mum on her return. A dog can't even sniff a toy in his own home - what is the world coming to?

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