Left behind

Posted on 11th July, 2012

Wednesday July 4


What a nerve!


While enjoying my evening perambulation, I got a very slight attack of selective deafness and before I knew it, Mum and Dad had disappeared!


I had to do a double take when I saw (at least my eyes are still in full working order) The Tractor disappearing down the church drive, leaving me by the graveyard with the ghosts and the ghouls.


Had they forgotten me? Are they not able to count? Surely they know they have THREE dogs now?


Perhaps, with his charm and good looks, they had mistaken Puppy Monster for moi. But no. I fear it was to teach me a lesson because I'm not as responsive as I used to be (Dad says I've NEVER been responsive but I beg to differ).


They drove round the block and picked me up, bundling me into my favourite position by the front seat and all was right with the world again.


Nasty Mummy and Daddy. Just you wait...

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Ah Rolo, wonderful to see you back. Now I have a serious selective hearing problem so I sympathise. I have NO idea why this is such a problem for Them as I have absolutely no problem with it. They have tried the hop in the car and pretend to drive off thing - and were rather grumpy when it had no effect on the selective hearing. Personally I believe there is no cure for us!


Yikes! That would have scared me!