Mastercard meltdown

Posted on 30th June, 2012

Tuesday July 19


I DON'T BEE-LIEVE IT! Yet another trip to the vet's - Dr John's is rapidly becoming our second home.


Cartrophen injection and pill collection for me. A whole list of wussy hypochondriac ailments for SB. And upset stomach alert for PM (not surprising considering how he Hoovers up everything in his path).


Dad's credit card really took a battering today, particularly after Mum came bouncing through the door from a mini shopping expedition in Lichfield complete with BRAND NEW engraved tags for our collars.


SB's will go nicely with his BRAND NEW collar, which Mum 'acquired' at ringcraft. PM's will go nicely with his BRAND NEW lead, which magically appeared after puppy training.


And mine? I suppose it'll brighten up my manky OLD collar. But what's this? A NEW collar I see? Apparently Dad was saving my SEMI-NEW Arsenal collar for best. Hurrah - I'm handsome again!


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