Water Baby

Posted on 6th April, 2012

Friday March 23


Here I am mid-stroke at last night's hydrotherapy session. I am now swimming for more than 10 minutes - with rest breaks, of course.


I think I'd do well in this event if there

was a canine Olympics. I was allowed

to take Green Octopus in the pool with me, which meant I got over-excited

and overdid it a bit. Dad came too, to

see how I've been getting on - a bit

like parents' evening at school. He took

my picture a lot so he must have been a

tad proud of me at least.

 I think I did well considering swimming

came hot on the heels of my Cartrophen injection at the vet's. Apparently the

lump on my paw has improved - but I now have a new one at the side of my pad. Both Dr John and Amy are

flummoxed by it.


And there was good news too for SB in

the colonic irrigation department - his

anal glands have shown a dramatic

improvement and he now only needs to

have then checked every two months.

Lucky boy.


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