Having a laugh

Posted on 10th February, 2012

Friday February 10


I can see I'm going to have another quiet day sleeping. Zzzzzz.


Dad has been in hospital for the past few days with a suspected heart attack, which has meant Mum has been running around after him and - if I may say so - rather neglecting SB and me somewhat.


She's tried to make it up to me by ensuring that I have breakfast - toast and Vegimite ("Marmite is far too expensive, Boss") - every morning with my pills but I have missed my sojourn onto the field for my daily attempt at digging up the old oak tree.


Perhaps normal service will be resumed now Dad's back home and has been told there's nothing wrong with his cardiac plumbing?


I think I cheered him up even more with my new 'dragging my bed complete with all its covers still intact into the lounge' trick. After all, laughter is the best medicine...

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