Because I'm worth it

Posted on 10th February, 2012

Saturday February 4


I'm pleased to report that normal service has been resumed now that Dad is back home - boy, I do miss him when he's away, even though I don't show it sometimes.


However, Mum managed to collect a couple of extra Brownie points for walking us round the forest TWICE in one week, but she slipped up when I was banned from my weekly swimming session.


"Too yellowy and oozing," was that nice Sarah's description of my latest wet eczema flare up.


I wasn't too upset at not going in the drink, to be honest, as it was still a trip out in the car and time away from SB's dull conversation.


On balance though, Mum has finished the week on a high note because she's got on top of my "pox" - it's drying up already - and she cancelled the long trip to Nottingham for my three-month check-up with Dr Oliver because I'm doing so well, apparently (I should think so: The bill there currently stands at £1,808 - eek! But then I am worth it...).

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