Global fame

Posted on 28th January, 2012

Friday January 20


Well for anyone who might still doubt that I am a superdog, they can check out this link - the proof is in the pudding.


You'll see that I have been selected to take part in an INTERNATIONAL (ooh - get me!) project called 1,000 Goldens, conceived by a lovely American lady called Traci.


Her aim is to collect individual stories from a thousand Golden Retrievers and then maybe publish them in a book. And in at number 26 is yours truly.


I'm not sure that I TOTALLY agree with everything that Mum has written about me but I'll let it go on this occasion.


The pictures, taken by Dad, make me look soooo handsome that I doubt anyone will bother with the words. Although there has been one lovely comment already, which is very touching.


I shall expect the red carpet to be rolled out at home for AT LEAST the next week...

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