Shopportunity knocks

Posted on 29th November, 2012

Sunday October 28


I've had such a fun day! First Mum and Dad took me, SB and PM to Pets R Us in Tamworth so that I could choose a harness seeing as I can't wear a collar any more (I'll really miss my Arsenal collar - I hope Dad doesn't think that I don't support his team any more).


I was beside myself in excitement and jumped out of the car all on my own, making a beeline for the store. I know where I'm going, you see. As I made my way down the aisles of furry toys and tasty treats, I could hear Dad puffing and panting behind me in hot pursuit. Keep up Dad!


I eventually found Mum in the collar department, weighing up a sparkly pink harness (no thanks!). After much sniffing and assessing of sizes, I eventually plumped for a plain black webbing harness which contrasts nicely with my pristine white coat. I just need the reflective strips on the sides and hey presto! Guide Dog Rolo springs into action!


Afterwards, all three of us went for a fantastic walk along the canal at Hopwas. I remembered I'd been there once before in my youth but it was the first-time for SB and PM, who both couldn't help falling in the water. Typical! Boy, I slept well later! 

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