Back to reality

Posted on 12th January, 2012

Sunday December 18


Well, I never thought I'd miss Mum and Dad - and I haven't. I've had a great time in deepest darkest Derbyshire at Rachel and Philip Rains', all warm and snug in the Aga-warmed kitchen with fellow golden oldie and new best friend Sydney for company at night.


I don't know where SB went, in an outside bedroom with the girls I think but at least he had the comfort of curling up in my bed. Well, what's left of it anyway. Mum and Dad'll go spare when they see that SB has eaten most of it - not sure if that was through boredom, a temper tantrum or simply missing me - the latter methinks.


When Mum and Dad picked us up, SB went bonkers and I must admit I did wag my tail a bit, if rather sedately. Then it was back to the old routine at home - sleep, sleep and more sleep.


And I was right - they weren't too impressed with my bed being in bits. Hope they don't think it was me but I usually get the blame anyway...

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