Silly burgers

Posted on 13th November, 2011

Monday November 7, 2011


Poor me. Mum had to abort our walk round the forest today because (a) being

fairweather walkers, it started raining, and (b) I just couldn't manage it.


Especially as I was still worn out from yesterday's excitement - a double

dose of forest walking and playing with cousins Ben and Abi, who came to

ride Auntie Louise's pony Charlie.


SB and I then had to endure the embarrassment of sitting in the car while everyone had a McDonald's. So much for eating healthily - wait till I tell Dad that Mum put away a WHOLE cheeseburger and fries (which I could see through the window before it steamed up).


I did lie down in case anyone I knew saw me but SB made sure he was very obvious, sitting up with his tongue hanging out (his usual expression). No shame at all that dog.


On another note - message to certain parties - BONFIRE NIGHT WAS TWO DAYS

AGO! How long does a dog (even an old gundog like me) have to endure these

loud bangs and whizzes?


This year, though, it seems that SB's nerves have been even more frayed than mine. Don't worry, little bruv, I'll look after you...

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