A paste of honey

Posted on 9th November, 2011

Thursday October 27, 2011


Still recovering from my latest trip to the vet's last night – Louise (the vet, not Mum’s friend and Dobbin’s minder) reckons the injections and antibiotics have worked and my prostate is now nearer its normal size, although I'm still a bit tender in that department.


I must be feeling better - unless it's my daily drug cocktail - because I

can't stop eating or thinking about food, which is so unlike me, as anyone

who knows me will tell you. Not for nothing am I known as 'diva dog’.


But food is just, well, so YUM at the moment. I can even tell that Mum and Dad have substituted my daily doggy sausage rolls with a lesser breed from

TESCO, don't you know. I much prefer the Sainsbury's version but needs must. I'll eat anything now, me, which pretty much lowers me to SB's level.


Had plenty of time to dream about food today while Mum was sampling it at

her favourite restaurant, The Meynell Ingram Arms with Auntie Louise to

celebrate her birthday.


Then it was back to the grindstone lying round Mum's feet while she finished

a Your Dog feature about Blue the Border Collie who was run over by a car

but was nursed back to health by her owners and none other than John my own vet, who successfully used manuka honey to heal the wound. Double yum!

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