Water torture

Posted on 7th November, 2011

Wednesday October 19, 2011



Phew! What a tiring day. First Mum drove SB and me to Dobbin's new home,

which we already know well.


But instead of having a good run round with Louise's dogs we had to wait in the car while Mum lunged - whatever that means - then rode The Orange One, who apparently was a good girl.


Just as well or Mum would have been in a right mood all day. It's good that

Dobbin is in such good hands, in my unconsidered opinion.


Then it was straight to the forest for a walk round our usual route, which

is really starting to test my old bones now. Especially as I barely had time

to recover before I was lapping the pool in my weekly swimming session - and

this time I had an audience, which you know I love.


I was born for the stage, me. Except without wearing a stupid life vest and an even more stupid purple cushion round my head to stop water getting in my ears. I looked like a helicopter with my ears flared out to the sides - a right muppet.


It was bad enough having hydrotherapy students watching me; I shudder to think how my street cred would have nose-dived if there'd been any girls around...

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