Black Friday

Posted on 29th September, 2011

Friday September 24, 2011


Oh my word, what a stressful 24 hours I've endured. As anticipated, my WHOLE

DAY (thanks Mum, thanks Dad) at East Midlands Referrals Limited was like hell on



First they knocked me out so they could X-ray and scan my old bones,

then they left me in a CAGE for hours on end until Mum could be bothered to

pick me up.


And they wonder why I barked ALL DAY. Didn't like it. Not one

bit. I found being away from home for so long, without my bed, toys and

familiar things (and even Stupid Brother) around me was simply too much to



But at least they now know what I've been trying to tell them for so

long - that I have arthritis in all four corners.


"He's the creakiest dog I've ever seen," said vet Graham Oliver, who seemed more concerned about picking his child up from school than my plight. Charming. But at least my hips, knees and brain (eat your heart out, SB) are all OK.


And when I got home, you'd think I'd been gone for 10 years, the fuss SB made of me. It nearly brought a tear to my eye. Nearly.


Oh! And what's that rattling noise...? Oh, it's me and the 10 pills I have to

take every day...


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