Train gang

Posted on 29th August, 2011

Sunday August 14, 2011


This is getting to be habit now: our long trip to Sutton in Surrey to sort

out Dad's uncle's flat. But this time our mode of transport was somewhat

different and Stupid Brother and I were crammed into the back of a van with

'Motorway Maintenance' scrawled on the back.


Not sure what dodgy deal Dad had done to get hold of that but it was, er, a

strange trip. Not helped by SB commandeering the majority of the rear seat and

yours truly having to make himself comfortable in just an inch of space.


Talking of modes of transport, this was the first time SB and I have

experienced a new one... a train.


Of course, I've been on ferries, Eurostar and several platorms to welcome Mum

home from working in London but this was an entirely different experience.


SB just stood there, paralysed by fear but after being thrown through the air

(I imagine being on a plane is a similar feeling) because I refused to board,

I took the 10-minute journey in my stride. I loved the fact that the doors opened

at each station and I could sniff the air to see what was going on - ugh Strawberry

Hill didn't live up to its name, I can tell you.


Now I'm really fired up for our annual family weekend in Wales in September

(I overheard Mum and Dad mention it) when I'm looking forward to making it

further than just the platform of the Ffestiniog steam railway. All aboard!

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