On the run

Posted on 17th July, 2011

Friday July 1, 2011


Well, I had a rather exciting morning going walkabout (Dad said on Facebook

that he had a real canine jailbreak on his hands but that simply wasn't



The sheep in the next field had made a rather inviting hole in the

garden fence and I just had to explore - well I don't get out much these

days, what with my arthritic joints and all.


To say that I was well on the way to Harlaston is unfair. I was only sniffing!

And as for SB, well you wouldn't want him as your partner in crime.

He didn't even make it out of the first field. Diverted by a palatable pile of sheep poo,

which he couldn't resist Hoovering up.


That's what you get if you have sheep poo for brains. Boy, I wouldn't like to be

in his shoes when that works its way through his system and out the other side.

Mum is going to go postal...

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