Splish, splash

Posted on 6th May, 2011

Friday May 6, 2011



Woooo! What a day of utter excitement. First Stupid Brother and I went for what we thought

was our usual Thursday walk round the National Forest but Mum picked up her friend, Louise, en route and she brought her Weimaraner  pup, Rio.


Rio was definitely a tasty young lady but also respectful of us older dogs, which you don't find very often with today's youngsters - she

can come on our walks again.


Plus I had such fun sniffing around their

lovely garden, stable yard and kitchen - but I

think Mum was a bit embarrassed about the

trail of white hairs we left on the lovely new slate   

floor, not to mention the Mr Whippy pile SB left on the manicured gravel

driveway. At least I have some standards...


And to top off a fun day, I've just got back from my first 'hydrotherapy'



If it wasn't for the great camel hump (they called it a 'buoyancy

aid') that I had to wear on my back, I'd have swum lap after lap but it just

slowed me down a little and I got a bit panicky because I'm not used to that

weird floaty feeling.


But then I had a warm shower that massaged my tired

muscles, got thrown a pink squeaky toy (which I know I'm going to dream

about tonight) and finished off with my most favourite thing in the whole

world - being dried with a hair drier (and an industrial strength one at

that!). Bliss!

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