In the Swim

Posted on 30th April, 2011

Saturday April 30, 2011



Just got back from having my monthly painkilling jab at the vet's, which is

starting to wear off a bit quicker these days. However, I have found my own

form of medication works much better - lying in the sun. It's helped my back

no end.


Dr John (patiently) tried to explain to Mum and Dad that I am tripping more

and more on walks because I probably have a trapped nerve in my back. He

mentioned the 'S' word again, which when Mum and Dad heard that they could

claim this on the pet insurance, seemed much more keen.


Just think - swimming on doggie prescription! I can't wait to show off my

doggy paddling skills - and they have a treadmill there too, apparently!

I'll be so super-fit that Stupid Brother will have to really pump some iron

to catch up with me!


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