It could have been me

Posted on 15th March, 2011


Monday March 14, 2011


Well, I was glued to the TV screen last night because Mum and Dad let me

stay up way past my bedtime to watch the Crufts final.


I had all my paws crossed for the flatcoat retriever to win and he did! Boy,

he's won everything. Side on, you know, we have a certain similarity: that

long handsome nose, intelligent expression, waggy tail (sometimes).... we

could be brothers, except he's black and I'm white. But people say I look

like a white flattie ("more like an anaemic red setter, Boss," says Mum).


Meanwhile, Stupid Brother, who has been in the odd show himself, claimed that he'd been up against Vbos The Kentuckian (Jet) once and been beaten by him. 


I've no doubts about him losing but being in the same ring as the dog crowned Best in Show 2011 - I think not.


Indeed, never mind the same ring, I doubt whether they've been in the same country simultaneously. The Champ's a Jock and SB has barely made it to shows in the Midlands let alone Scotland. 


I'm sure he's mistaken - but I do know he's ALWAYS beaten by flatties in Any Variety classes (three at the last count).


Fancy bragging about being BEATEN, Stupid Brother...


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