Lift in the Limo

Posted on 11th January, 2011

Tuesday January 11, 2011


Nice walk round the National Forest on Sunday with Mum, Dad and Stupid Brother after Mum had played with - sorry ridden - Dobbin.


Much better walk than Friday night when I just didn't feel like going out. It was windy and raining and my back hurt a bit - Mum had to virtually drag me to the top of the hill.


But luckily Dad drove past at just the right time so I flagged him down and hitched a lift home. Had no problem getting in and out of the Mini - managed it in one go.


Funny that, said Mum. But I was feeling much better by then - I think my Cartrophen must be taking longer to kick in this time. Can't believe Dad split on me and told Mum that I leapt out of the car in one ballerina-like movement. I can see we're going to have words...

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