Good intentions and bad news

Posted on 28th January, 2012

Sunday January 1, 2012


Happy New Year everyone! It's out with the old and in with the new, although I've certainly edited down my list of resolutions compared to last year.


In at number one 12 months ago was to try harder to beat SB to the sling shot ball but, with my advancing years and increasingly arthritic joints, I realise this is never likely to happen.


So instead I'll resolve to take the ball off him by force once he's retrieved it. I'm also going to compromise on my efforts to be nicer to SB - why should I?


Although I shall definitely try to eat more - my new slimline figure is causing concern in our household. Simple to solve though - just give me more Marmite and tripe (but not necessarily together).


On a sadder note, mirroring my announcement almost exactly a year ago about former neighbour Frankie, we have another canine stalwart to say goodbye to.


News recently reached me that Callum - the golden oldie I met in a Cornish pub a couple of months back - has gone over the rainbow bridge.


When I met him, I was experiencing, ah-hem, prostate problems, and he was in rude health. How ironic that just a short while later, it was prostrate problems that claimed his lovely life. God bless you, Callum. Sob.


Mum had already told me that my black Labrador friend Leto, with whom I'd raced round half of Suffolk accompanied by Mum's PR friend Sarah T all those years ago, also left us in the summer. And she was just 11 too - the same age as Callum and me. Double sob.

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