Come round and see me sometime

Posted on 20th December, 2010

Rolo's blog star date 20.12.2010 (couldn't resist that, being a closet

Trekkie and all)



Well, I notice that my friend and neighbour, super-Schnauzer Izzy, has learned

how to use a computer - at last. Well done, girl! That certainly adds to your appeal

and allure.



But I don't want to tread on SB's paws - you're really his laydeee. However,

you're welcome round our house anytime, even though you tend to take over

and commandeer MY bed.



Thanks for your entry on my guestbook - not sure whether to be

flattered by your comments ('handsome') or offended ('aloofness') but seeing

as I'm in a festive mood and can't resist being caught up in all the

Christmas cheer, I'll let any negative comments go on this occasion.

Who says I'm a canine Victor Meldrew?


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