Weighty business

Posted on 16th December, 2010

Thursday December 16, 2010


Does my bum look big in this? Mum says it does.

Not my fault - if Mum's been giving me extra food

to compensate for the cold, then who am I to complain?



Actually, Mum's cooking has improved these

days - I'm quite liking this Arden Grange Sensitive Ocean White Fish and Potato dog food with an extra helping of bio yoghurt.



Apparently the former is specially formulated

for dogs like me with 'delicate digestion' or

'sensitive stomachs' - I think that means those

of us who tend to leave deposits of a Mr Whippy-like consistency.


Not sure if it helps in that department, though - I'm long gone. Dump and go is my motto!

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