Dear Santa

Posted on 8th December, 2010

Wednesday December 9, 2010


With just a fortnight to go until the Big Day, I thought it might be in my

best interest to send my Christmas wish-list to Santa now, before the rush

starts. Here's what I wrote...


Dear Father Christmas,


If you could see your way to bringing me the following for Christmas, I

would be eternally grateful:


In at number one would be a Nylabone (any shape, any type, any flavour).


Next, please could I have a Shaun the Sheep cuddly toy (because I've wrecked

the last one).


It would be great if I could also have a turkey-flavoured Jumbone (don't

like the other flavour, it's yuk).


And finally, I'd love a squeaky toy (any - doesn't matter as I'm only going

to destroy it in the New Year).


With many thanks and in much anticipation,


Rolo the Retriever


Just compare this to Stupid Brother's letter, which I found stuffed under

his bed this morning...


Dear Santa


Plese cud I have for Crismas anythink to eat.


Thanks you very much,


Love Indi Retreiver







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