Mixed fortunes

Posted on 4th November, 2012

Friday October 5


Happy birthday Dad! I think he really liked his Wallace and Gromit card. I bought him (with a bit of help from Mum) a purple and orange (whoever said dogs were colour blind?) Arsenal sports top, which he seemed to like.


SB got him (with even more help from Mum) a book about sport while PM's gift came straight from the stomach - a big bar of Cadbury's chocolate.


Well, he doesn't get out much and he's not allowed a lot of pocket money until he's a bit older.


It wasn't such a great day for me, though, as I had to make my thrice-weekly trip to Dr John's for my Cartrophen jab.


Did I hear some talk about an operation? It must have been concerning SB, who had to have his rear end attended to AGAIN. My hearing isn't what it used to be...

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Happy Birthday, Dad!