Shaken up

Posted on 30th October, 2012

Thursday September 20


Minor emergency last night. I didn't feel great, to be honest, and really didn't want to go swimming.


But horrid Mummy MADE me go. I think Hannah and Mum got the message when I escaped from my flotation device and hid in the corner, shaking.


But still they made me get in the pool, despite attempting my best reverse manoeuvre at the last minute. I'd barely done two circuits when I came over all light headed and NEARLY drowned!


Hannah checked my heart rate and gums and apparently I wasn't very 'pink' at all. Even head honcho and Golden Retriever expert Sue Hawkins was called to assess the situation and it was deemed inappropriate for me to continue so the match was abandoned.


After some humming and hahhing, I finally got the blame - for not eating for four days. Well, I never do when I go away. I get sooooo excited. But now you come to mention it... biscuits, anyone?

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