Bad attitude

Posted on 16th October, 2012

Thursday August 9



Ahhh - I feel better today after my swimming session last night. Thumbs up for effort and style in the pool but a big nul points for my attitude. Apparently.


"Look, Boss, if you're not going to take this seriously, you won't come again," said Mum sternly as I escaped and hid in the corner to avoid having my life vest put on.


I really don't need any buoyancy aid - I can swim all by myself, thank you very much.


I think new girl Hannah was totally exasperated by my behaviour but she kept her spirits up, I'll give her that. And I'll award her seven and a half out of 10 for coping with me and my antics because I know I'm not easy. Sometimes.



Another highlight of today was SB having to have his anal glands 'attended to' by Dr John but I'm afraid I have no sympathy...

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