Dodgy decision

Posted on 22nd August, 2012

Sunday July 29


What a totally bizarre day. Mum insisted we go on a family outing to Kings Bromley Show - yep, that unfortunately meant both SB and PM came too and were entered in the dog show.


I couldn't help but snigger because neither PM nor SB cut the mustard and left the ring with their tails between their legs.


They were beaten by a Westie (what he was doing in the sporting category, I'll never know), whose owner was seen in the company of the judge for the remainder of the show. Apparently. So I hear.


Hey, I'm not insinuating any insider dealing or ANYTHING. I'm just saying. SB was most upset; PM didn't care so long as he had an ice-cream, and I was highly amused, especially as Mum hadn't entered me.


I 'd have shown them and beaten every dog in the ring (and entire showground) otherwise. Sniff.


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Pictures! :D