We're all going on a ...

Posted on 30th June, 2012

Wednesday June 6


I was right! A holiday WAS in the offing! Yesterday we set sail (well, via the shuttle) for France and I just can't wait!


Bucket and spade - check!; towel - check!; favourite squeaky toy (though don't expect I'll have much time for THAT!) - check!; passport (*yawns*) - check!; SB - check! (reluctantly); PM - hang on a minute! Where's Puppy Monster?


I knew something was missing. Apparently he's been farmed out to Rachel's for the next fortnight. I'm kind of relieved really because I don't think PM, SB, me and all of Mum and Dad's stuff would have fitted in The Tractor.


Would have had to jettison SB en route otherwise (shame). We're all going on a summer holiday *sings loudly*...


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