Au revoir Aimee

Posted on 18th April, 2012

Friday April 13


I'm gutted - today sure is a typical Friday 13th. One of my most favourite people in the WHOLE world, Aimee (and not Amy as I had previously assumed) at Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Centre, is leaving for pastures new.


Last night was my last swimming session with her and I couldn't help but have a tear in my eye, which I explained away as a drop of pool water.


It all means I'm going to have to train up someone new but that's life I suppose. What's Hawksmoor's loss is Dogs Trust's new Loughborough centre's gain.


I signed a card Dad made up for her - so she can't forget me even if she tries - but I hope she thinks of me when she knocks back the bottle of vino I shelled out last week's pocket money for. Good luck, Aimee!

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